Saturday, November 26, 2011

Back to Blonde

After one year of being a redhead, I've decided it’s time for a change.

Over the years, my hair color has changed from blonde to brown to red and everything in between (except black – that would be horrifying). Here are some examples of Cherie’s hair through the years..

I love my red hair, but I got all nostalgic looking at my past blondeness. And I feel like I need to shake things up once in awhile.

My roommate, a hair stylist, is pretty wise and told me that it can’t be done overnight. Therefore, I’m starting with dark blonde and slowly moving up. My goal is to get it as blonde (maybe even a bit lighter) than in the above blonde picture. At least for awhile.

I’ll probably go back to red after awhile, but it mostly reminds me of the reasons I dyed it in the first place.. which weren’t totally honorable.

A) I was in a terrible place in my life.. I had just been dumped and I was looking for a big change.

B) My ex loved redheads. When I was trying to get him back, I wanted to look as hot as humanly possible. Did I? Of course. Did it work? His wife would say no.

C) I think Emma Stone, Hayley Williams, and Shirley Manson are badass.

Regardless of why I dyed my hair red, I am doing this blonde thing just for funzies and variety. So wish me luck.

Tell me… what kinds of hair colors/styles have you experimented with? How’d they turn out? If you have blog posts about it, link me to it! The girl in me would love to see.


  1. I'd love to be able to dye my hair as many different colours as you have! But I have really dark eyebrows, so I'd have to lighten those before I could pull off anything a bit lighter than I have.

    Can't wait to see what your blonde hair looks like this time around!

  2. I love the blonde, it's going to look awesome! I wish I could dye my hair that easily! I used to dye it all the time, but with red eyebrows it's kind of tricky.

  3. By far and large I haven't played a whole lot with dye, but I went blue for an entire year.

    I learned that when you have blue hair, small children suddenly become extremely interested in and excited by you. They will point excitedly in the grocery store and say cute things like "Mommy! Look at the lady with the blue hair! Can I have blue hair?"

    I have learned that parents tend not to know what to do when their kids do this. Reactions ranged from dirty looks from parents, as if to say "How dare you do something so strange with your hair that you cause my child to embarrass me in public." to the embarrassed smile and the correcting the kid for pointing and being curious to my favorite reaction, the parent approaching me and encouraging their little one to ask me why I had blue hair.

    I also learned that having blue hair will get you asked for directions on the subway more than having normal hair.

    It was an interesting social experiment, to say the least.

  4. My hair has been various shades of brown and red. I've had highlights, I've cut it short. It's been purple, black and so incredibly red that it might as well have been orange. I get bored easily so I like to change things up. Right now, I'm trying to grow it longer but I'm getting anxious and I want a change.

    Go for the blonde, it looks good!

  5. I loveeeeeeee the blonde!

    I swear I go through hair crisis every month where I want a drastic change.

  6. Your hair is gorgeous, no matter the color. You're lucky you can pull that off - not many can.

    My hair is a mix of blonde-ish brown something. When I was little, it was really, really light blonde, nearing white. The only time I've ever dyed my hair was for a Halloween party, and haven't since.

    As for style, the better question is what style. It's always in a ponytail since I'm trying to grow it out to donate... Few more inches, and it'll be there. (Finally.)

  7. Never experimented with my hair, ever. When I was way younger I always wanted blonde streaks in my dark brown hair. That's one of the few times I'm glad my mom said no, haha.

    I like your hair no matter which color it is. It's great that you're not afraid to switch it up and try new things!



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