Friday, January 13, 2012

Awesome things about being an adult

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Not long ago, I realized how glad I was that I'm no longer a teenager, that I'm out of high school, and that I know how to take care of myself. Although there are some things I DON'T like about being an adult (which I'll cover later), I pretty much give the Cherie 'stamp of approval' to adulthood.

This is why.

1. I can go wherever I want, whenever I want, and don't have anyone to report to but myself.

One thing I always hated about being a teenager (especially after I had a car and a license) was the fact that my mother still had say in where I went and what I did. I was still a minor and she had every right to be concerned about my whereabouts, but I still wished that I didn't have to announce my plans every time I left the house.

This got even more awkward when I was in that kind of in-between of teenagerdome and adulthood. Right before I moved out, my mom and I kind of disagreed on how much I had to tell her about my whereabouts. I was 20 years old and figured it was perfectly acceptable if I wanted to, you know, not come home every once in awhile or kind of leave at two in the morning on a school night.

Moving out was awesome cuz we had so many late night trips to get food while half drunk that it was ridiculous. Of course now, the newness of living on my own has worn off and I'm pretty much always at the apartment at night.. but the point is, I don't have to be if I don't want to.

2. I have a credit card, and it is awesome.

It's also practically maxed out, but I have one! And I do pay it monthly -- I just have a really low credit limit. But that's so not the point! I have a credit card -- two, actually -- and it makes me feel like a big girl when I whip those bad boys out of my wallet.

3. I can drink legally, and don't have to hide my alcohol.

Birfday, last year.
There's nothing better, after 20 years of NOT being able to do this, than ordering a drink at a restaurant and proceeding to consume it, and then pay way too much money for it. For real. My first ever "I'm a big girl!" drink on my 21st birthday was amazing. It was like this light came down from Heaven and shone on my delicious margarita and said, "Drink thee!"

The result is that I DID drink it, and proceeded to get very tipsy at the alarming time of 1pm. It's ok, though. I slept it off. And then partied again later. What's up!

So those are three (really important) reasons that I very much enjoy being an adult. It has its downsides, too. But anytime I get stressed out, I just need to go get a big girl drink at 2 in the morning and pay with my credit card -- cuz that makes it all worthwhile.


  1. These are all good points.

    When I still lived with my parents, people who had already moved out often told me that I should stay with them as long as possible, so that I wouldn't have to worry about bills. I thought that was ridiculous. I think the extra responsibilities, such as bills, are worth it when you consider the freedoms and choices you have.

    I remember that "Seinfeld" episode where Jerry mentioned that, as an adult, he can eat as many cookies before dinner as he wants - and maybe even call his mother just to tell her that he ruined his dinner appetite with cookies.

    1. wondeful ... call ur mom

  2. THANK YOU for posting about all the awesome things about being an adult! Sometimes I forget about the benefits I have living on my own lol, especially when bills and expenses follow me around everywhere. Ugh.

  3. Yes, drinking without hiding in the garage. haha.

  4. Saw your trying to hit 100 post and stopped by... great blog= very fun.... stop by my blog and check it out... Fluff For the Mindless Reader

  5. such a cute post and so true:) I even had a "phone curfew" at my house, so imagine my excitement:) -Audry Cece ( )


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