Tuesday, February 7, 2012

There's always an asshole

I haven't been to that many concerts in my life, but this past Saturday I attended my fourth. And I came to a pretty solid, scientific conclusion regarding concerts..

At every single concert -- regardless of genre or the band playing -- there is at least ONE asshole who nearly ruins the experience.

Shall I provide proof?

Marry me Stephan Jenkins.
1. Third Eye Blind - May, 2011

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Nearly everything about this show was perfect. I was there with two of my really good friends at the time. I was super close to the stage. The band sang my favorite songs. But then there was that one guy that was SO drunk that he wouldn't shut up about his knowledge of the band.

"He wrote this one when he was dating Charlize Theron!!" -- Thank you, but I knew that.

Then he spilled his beer on me. SPILLED HIS BEER! Ugh! But I just brushed it off.

Perfection at its finest, my friends.
2. Blink-182 / My Chemical Romance - September, 2011

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Another good show. Blink-182 has such charisma and energy and I was super into the song Dammit (I think) when the idiot boys behind us decided it'd be hilarious to push us -- physically push us -- SEVERAL TIMES! Completely took me out of the moment and made me feel very angry.

3. Third Eye Blind - Redux, February, 2012

So that brings us to now. And this pissed me off more than anything could possibly piss me off. My friend and I went to a show at William & Mary, a college about three hours from here.

Artsy fartsy Third Eye Blind picture.
We got good seats, but not floor seats. The floor seats were kind of a first come, first serve to people who got wristbands. The people who didn't have wristbands were turned away from entering the floor area in front of the stage. All night, people tried to get by security to no avail.

Well, these two idiot guys were desperate to obtain wristbands any way they could. So they were going around to different people in seats and asking if the people had wristbands. Then they came up behind us. They didn't say "excuse me" and they didn't apologize. They just PUSHED US INTO THE SEATS IN FRONT OF US. And spilled my soda -- which was sitting in the floor -- in the process. My soda ended up all over my friend's coat and new t-shirt that he'd just bought. Plus, that damn soda was $3 and I was thirsty.

I ended up taking the very last of the soda and throwing it on one of the dude's legs. My friend told him to "get out of the fucking way." He looked very confused as to why we were angry. REALLY?!

This all happened in the middle of a drum solo, so I just tried to focus on the beat and, after, I let out all my frustration by cheering for the band.

People need to learn how to be respectful. And also, they should learn not to mess with me when I'm listening to one of my favorite bands. kthanksbye

PS. I gotta go to more concerts. Assholes or not, it's a rad time.


  1. I've only been to two concerts (Aerosmith '06 & Evanescence '07), and like you, even though I was excited to hear my favorite bands, people almost could have ruined it.

    For Evanescence, it was just some random people, but for Aerosmith, it was my very own wife. Go figure. Either way, I had a great time both concerts, and really hope to see Weird Al, Elton John, Evanescence again, Lenny Kravitz, and the Wallflowers someday.

    1. Your wife?! Haha that's no good.

      Elton John will be an hour from here in March, but I don't think I'll have the funds to be able to see him. I'd love to see the Wallflowers as well.. are they still together?!

  2. I love concerts, I have only had one really bad experience. I was seeing Korn/Linkin Park/Snoop Dogg and the douche bags behind us were smoking and getting trashed the whole time. About half way through Linkin Parks's performance guy behind us starts puking! Awful...he didnt get any on us but its hard to focus when someone is puking beer and his friends are freaking out right behind you.

    1. Puke? Gross! I've never had to deal with that, or nudity. Those would be the worst.

      Korn/Linkin Park/Snoop Dogg sounds like an interesting combination for a show.

  3. People love to spill drinks on my at concerts. I've learned to not wear anything that will get ruined. I still go and rock out but you're right there is always someone being the show asshole.

  4. Love concerts. Hate drunk people at concerts. Ugh.

  5. I guess the experience depends on the crowd. While in France, I went to two concerts, one for Rock singer Damien Saez and the other for Brit popstar Mika. While the Mika fans we pretty well-behaved and interested in having a genuine great time, it seems the rocker crowd were out of their effin' minds and felt the urge to crush each other. Ugh.

    -Barb the French Bean

    1. Yeah, I think the type of music/atmosphere has a lot to do with it. And the age group of people who attend.

  6. ugh. i totally know what you mean. i'm 4'10 so i tend to get stepped on quite often. most people don't apologize so i get my revenge by elbowing them inconspicuously.

    love, little.

    1. I'm quite short as well.. 5'1" and always trampled. :)

  7. Come to think of it, I've been to 3 shows in my life (Punchline, Bowling For Soup, and Bayside/Silverstein) and there was always one toolbag in our immediate vicinity that gave me and my friends a reason to point and laugh. You've made an interesting point.



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