Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Things that were awesome when you were a kid but kind of suck now


With this holiday season upon us, I started to think about all the things about this time of year that used to make me happy and filled me with excitement and glee. Most of those things are no longer all that appealing to me.

Which made me think... there are a lot of things that amazed/intrigued/excited me when I was a kid that annoy the fuck out me now. This is a list of those things.

Tree two years ago
1. Christmas

I understand the whole concept of "getting into the holiday season" and "jolliness" and such, but I'm usually not feeling it. Christmas has evolved from a lovely time when there was no school and many presents to, "Ah shit, Christmas is in a week and I still haven't bought any gifts for my family/friends."

And then there's the awkwardness of knowing who all you have to buy for. This year, I have no idea which of my friends I need to get gifts for. And I know, I know, you shouldn't only get gifts for people who you know are giving you gifts, but I don't want to give something to someone and then have THEM feel awkward for not getting me anything. And vice versa. I don't want somebody to buy me something and then feel like a horrible person for not getting them something. What a headache.

Not to mention that the holiday season brings more traffic and crowds to pretty much every store. As a person who really doesn't like being around a lot of people at once (except for at concerts, of course), this doesn't bode well for me. I don't want to go to the mall and wait for twenty minutes in line when I usually go to the mall and get everything I need in ten.

2. Snow

Basically why I hate snow
When I was a kid, the prospect of snow meant that I'd probably get out of going to school, and I'd sit around the house in pajamas all day and eat cereal and watch Disney Channel. I got to go play in it and make snow angels and such. Even in high school, it was great. Except then, instead of playing in it, I took pictures of it and in it.

Then I went to college and realized that I actually had to drive in inclement conditions sometimes - because college doesn't close as easily as high school. And even when it does, it's not a "free" day because the professor will sometimes double up your homework for the next class, or send you stuff in your email to do in place of class. Yikes!

Driving in snow is the most hectic thing I've ever done, and I think I have mild PTSD from wrecking my car into a ditch two Christmases ago. So when it snows and I still have to figure out how to go to work, I panic. It's going to especially suck this year because there's no way I'm risking my new car (and my safety I suppose) to go anywhere.

This photo sums up my 21st birthday
3. Birthdays

I guess birthdays were kind of fun up through the 21st. But now, I don't really have anything to celebrate except the fact that I'm getting even further into adulthood and that makes me panic because I am nowhere even close to having that whole career-relationship-living-situation-stability thing figured out.

I think there's something lovely about being a kid and having a pizza party with a bunch of other kids and ice cream cake and BALLOONS (balloons are the best, really) and opening presents that aren't just gift cards or money and there's just that WONDERMENT about it, you know? I enjoyed that a lot.

But now it's just kind of... another day. I don't know. Maybe if I had balloons again, things would be different.

4. Summer

Some parts of summer kind of rule, I guess
Especially now that I'm completely done with education, summer is really kind of a bore. For starters, I'm not a big fan of hot, humid weather. Summers used to be about getting up at noon (which let's face it I still do because I work nights but whatever), going to the pool, taking vacations with family or friends, eating a lot of ice cream, etc.

Now I just sweat and squint and still have to go to work and do everything I have to do the rest of the year -- but in the sweltering heat.

I guess there are a few redeeming qualities about summer -- the beach is nice (if I can ever actually find someone to go with). I like amusement parks also. Most concert tours and festivals happen in the summer. I guess those things make summer all right, but I still hate the fucking heat.

Now that I have a car with air conditioning, though, I'm all set for that.

So tell me. Did I miss anything? Anything you don't care for now that you LOVED as a child?


  1. Haha love it! Summers suck for me now because I always work during them when I would much rather be outside. hate hate snow and having to travel in it at all.


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