Tuesday, December 4, 2012

That time we broke up a marriage at Pizza Hut

After my last post, I started thinking about all the crazy stories that I've seen/witnessed in my time at Pizza Hut. A few of you commented on some funny/odd things you've experienced as well (which I LOVED hearing about -- so thank you for sharing!). So I figured I would tell another story. This one is one of my favorites.

This happened a few years ago -- probably around 2008-2009. I don't even really remember who was working with me at the time, but the story has remained one of the most interesting experiences in my history of working there.

Basically, this woman placed an order for carry out and we told her the normal pick up time of about 15-20 minutes. No one came to pick up the order for awhile, like probably around an hour. Finally, the man (her husband) came and picked it up. People are late all the time. We didn't think much about it.

Later, the woman called back. She was furious and wanted to know why her husband had to wait an extra 20 minutes for her food when we told her it would be ready basically at about the time he got there.

Whoever took the call informed that no, her husband came in super late, picked up the food that had been ready for awhile and which was sitting in our hot box, and left.

She was quiet for a minute.

"Oh. Thank you," she snapped, and hung up.

She didn't seem too pleased. From what we can gather, her husband blamed his lateness on us -- saying that his food wasn't even made when he got there and that we took a long time to get it ready. So whatever he was doing before he picked the pizza up, he didn't want her to know about.

Now, we only speculate that "we broke up a marriage" because it's an entertaining story, but I honestly do wonder whatever happened with them, or what he was hiding.


  1. Making up stories for ridiculous customers is the one thing I miss from working customer service jobs.

  2. Haha! The story-making sounds just like my mother! She likes making things up by just looking at people's faces. ;-) I was thinking the guy had a lot of explaining to do but then they kissed and made up! Maybe I'm just too optimistic :D

  3. If someone was late picking up my food that would be it. DONE.


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