Monday, January 28, 2013

Childhood Memories: Toys I had in the 90s

In my recent trip down memory lane in which I decided I wanted a Furby again, I decided to go through the recesses of my brain and find other old toys I had when I was a kid to share on here... so here are a few that I really enjoyed:

Smoochie Pooch

Being a little girl, I wanted this thing so bad and was super excited when I unwrapped it one Christmas morning.

This soft, cuddly dog barked and licked you with the help of batteries. I remember playing with it a lot for, like, a week... and then it took up permanent residence at the end of my bed, until it eventually retired into a box of toys, and then, it disappeared.

Puppy In My Pocket

I started collecting these when I was 6 years old and just moving to El Dorado Springs, Missouri (where I spent most of my childhood). At first, they came in these little packages:

There was one tiny puppy toy in each package, as well as a card that told you their name, breed, and other basic facts... and a little candy bone!

Eventually I started getting bigger packs that came with like 4 puppies per box. I ended up having probably 40 of these stupid things.

My favorite was the cocker spaniel (because I had recently found a stray cocker spaniel puppy and she was super cute, but we couldn't keep her for whatever reason). I carried that little toy around with my everywhere. One time I took it to my friend's house and it ended up getting lost in her parent's garden. I cried and cried like an idiot.

Glitter Hair Barbie

I think I had the blonde one.

And like a million other Barbies.

Tamagotchi/Giga Pet (probably knock-offs, honestly, we were poor)

I had a few of these. I had a puppy that kept fucking running off on me. I had a pink one that started as like a tadpole or something and eventually became a mermaid. And I think I had a bear.

I had all of these simultaneously, mind you, and I was badass.

Poo Chi

Only now realizing how many of my childhood toys were dogs.

Magna Doodle

I remember always trying to get my dad to draw with me. He was a good sport.

Dear Diary

I remember thinking I'd hit the proverbial toy jackpot with this thing... but then I pretty much never used it. Sad.

Sticky Hand Things

Pretty sure every sensible adult hated these things, but I loved them... and still kind of do. Thanks to one of my friends, I have a new orange sticky hand from a quarter machine!

I remember playing with these things in fifth grade... ah good times.

So that's my trip down memory lane. Do you guys remember these toys? What toys from your childhood stick out to you today?

*None of these images are mine. All these toys have been to their final rest in one trash can and/or yard sale or the other.


  1. Ha, I definitely had a few on the list. Good times!

  2. My Tamagotchi/Giga Pet constantly died. I just gave up on it. Magna Doodles are still awesome, as are Sticky Hands (until they get dirty- GROSS). I had a Dear Diary but didn't use it either. You know what I really miss? Polly Pockets- the ones that actually FIT INSIDE YOUR POCKET. They are huge now- totally not the same :(

    1. Yeah, a dirty sticky hand always made me sad. And it always happened eventually..

  3. I had the Dear Diary thing... and like you, when I got it I thought I'd hit the proverbial jackpot, and then never used it because... well... it was kinda lame. I was expecting so much more.

    1. Right!! It was definitely much lamer than they made it look on TV! And it was hard to actually type on that thing!

  4. So many of these I remember! The Puppy in my pocket...tamagotchi...sticky hand things. Those were the good ol' days.


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